Indigo-blue flowers in clusters from May to June, attract butterflies. Grows up to 3-4 ft. Zones 3-9. Sun partial shade.

Baptisia australis 'Twilight Prairie Blues'

Blue False Indigo

Evergreen with heart-shaped foliage, for well-drained soil in shade. Grows up to a foot tall and wide. Zone 6-9.

Beesia deltophylla


Tropical shining dark green foliage with pink flowers in summer. Sun or shade. Zone 7.

Begonia grandis 'Herron's Pink'

Hardy Pink Begonia

Tropical foliage of green backed in red. White pendulous flowers. To 2 feet tall. Moist shade.

Begonia grandis ssp.evansiana var alba

Hardy White Begonia

Large red pom-pom flowers on 6 inch stems. Best in sun.

Bellis perennis 'Tasso Red'

Red English Daisy

Striking dark orange columnar growth, with bright Fall color. Drought tolerant. Sun. Zones 5-9.

Berberis thungergii 'Orange Rocket'

Orange Rocket Barberry

Bright orange flowers in drooping panicles on open, evergreen shrub to 5 ft. Best in Sun. Zones 5-9.

Berberis x lologensis 'Apricot Queen'

Apricot Queen Barberry

Showy magenta-red flowers that will re-bloom. Evergreen foliage turns red in Fall. Nice cut flower. To 18 inches. Moist soil. Zone 3. Sun.

Bergenia cordifolia 'Winterglut'

Winterglow Saxifraga

Fragrant, nodding pink flowers in spring. 6-12 inches. Waxy, leathery foliage turns bronzy in fall. Sun.

Bergenia stracheyi

Himalayan Bergenia

Evergreen, twining plant with delicate bell-shaped blue, nodding flrs.in clusters.Can be tender in colder years.

Billardiera fusiformis aka Sollya

Australian Blue Bell Creeper

Creamy-yellow flowers followed by striking 1 inch purplish-blue fruit. Perennial vine to 6 ft. Zone 7-9.

Billardiera longiflora

Tasmanian Vine

Evergreen. to 4-6 inches. Best in moist shade. Zone 7.

Blechnum penna-marina

Alpine Water Fern

Evergreen foliage 12-24 inches tall and wide. Prefers moist and partial to full shade. Zones 7-9.

Blechnum spicant

Western Deer Fern

Ever-silver, wavy foliage on much-branched shrub can reach 6 ft. Yellow flowers. Best in sun. Zone 7.

Brachyglottis greyi 'Leonard Cockayne'


Excellent for instant bonsai. Evergreen, slow-growing shrub can be manipulated to please. Sun to partial shade. Indoor or outdoor.

Buxus microphylla 'compacta'

Kingsville Dwarf Box

Golden and evergreen foliage to 2 ft. Slow growth. Good for bonsai. Sun to partial shade.

Buxus sempervirens 'Aureo-Variegatus'

Golden Variegated Curled Boxwood