Slow-growing, graceful, golden variegated grass for shade or container. Nice fall color! Grows 1 to 3 ft. Best in partial shade. Zones 4-7.

Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'

Japanese Forest Grass

Bronze, saw-edged foliage. Spikes of interesting greenish-yellow flowers. A striking feature in any garden. 2 ft. Sun.

Haloragis erecta 'Wellington Bronze'


Rare succulent from South Africa, enjoys partial sun and well drained soil. Very ornamental.

Haworthia fasciata

Zebra Haworthia

Steele blue vertical foliage to 2 ft. Blue flowers. Best in sun to partial shade. Zone 7.

Hebe 'Colvos Creek'

Colvos Creek Blue Hebe

Evergreen. Blooms are blue in late spring. Use as groundcover like heather. Zone 7.

Hebe 'Suffock Carpet'

Low Hebe

Silvery-gray foliage 12 to 18 inches. Purple-blue flowers in summer. Hardy to 10 degrees. Sun.

Hebe pimeloides 'Quick Silver'

Silvery Hebe

Native to India. Clear yellow flowers with red stamens. Grows to 8 feet. Light shade, moist, well drained soil.

Hedychium gardneranum 'Fiesta'

Kahili Hardy Ginger

Tropical-looking foliage to 5 ft. Orange-red flowers to 5 inches long. Light shade.

Hedychium greenei

Hardy Ginger

Bell-shaped greenish blossoms with a reddish edge. Evergreen foliage. Partial sun to shade. Zone 5-8.

Helleborus foetidus

Stinking Hellebore

Semi-evergreen foliage 6 to 12 inches. 3 to 4 inch red and apricot flowers.

Hemerocallis 'Odd Fellow'


Fragrant white panicles in Fall. Exfoliating bark on 10 ft+ tree. From Western China. Sun.

Heptacodium miconioides

Seven Son's Plant

Evergreen, mat-forming tiny green foliage to 1/2 inch tall and 10 inches wide. Best in Sun. Zone 6.

Herniaria glabra 'Green Carpet'

Green Carpet Herniaria

Purple to green foliage with sprays of white flowers. 1 to 2 foot. Sun to partial shade.

Heuchera Assorted Variety

Coral Bells

Limey and yellow-green foliage on 2 ft. plants. Purple flowers in summer. Shade.

Hosta aureomaculata

Plaintain Lily

White edges on bold forest-green foliage. Lavender flowers. Nice for a shady area. 22 x 48 inches. Zone 3 to 9.

Hosta francee

Francee Plaintain Lily

Bright yellow foliage, flowers and fruit on vines to 15 ft. Sun. Zones 5-9

Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'

Golden Hop Vine

Narrow, lacy foliage is nice with the lavender flowers. To 4 ft. Partial sun to shade. Moist soil.

Hydrangea aspera 'Villosa'

Lavender Lace Hydrangea

White tinged pink to blue flowers with striking reddish-black stems on large deciduous shrubs. Shade to partial sun.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Niger'

Black Stemmed Hydrangea

Evergreen, and low-growing with starry golden-yellow flowers. Best in sun. Zone 7.

Hypericum empetrifolium nanum

Creeping St John'swort

Yellow starry flowers on red green and white, low-growing foliage. Shrub. Bushy to trailing habit. Best in sun.

Hypericum x moserianum 'Tricolor'

Tricolor St John'swort