Fabiana imbricata 'Violacea' (False Heath)

Lilac  fragrant flowers on bright evergreen sprays to 3 ft. Zone 7

Fargesia dracocephala 'Rufa' (Clumping Bamboo)

6-8 ft tall with 1/2 inch canes of small, evergreen foliage. Drought tolerant. Great for containers. Zones 5-9

Ficus carica 'Desert King' (Fig)

Best fig for our area, produces many wonderful fruits year after year! To 15 ft. Zone 7

Filipendula hexapetala (Queen of the Meadow)
White plumes on 3 ft stems rise above the fern-like foliage, with fall colors. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Filipendula ulmaria 'Aurea'

(Golden Queen of the Meadow)
Fragrant white blooms sit above the striking golden-yellow foliage. Enjoys moist, cool, sun to part shade. Zone 3-8

Forsythia viridissima koreana 'Kumson'

(Kumson Forsythia)
Bright yellow flowers on arching stems in Spring.

Dark green foliage with striking silver veins. 4 to 6 ft. Zones 5-8

Forsythia x 'Fiesta' (Dwarf Golden Forsythia)
Yellow flowers in spring on last year's bare wood. Bright yellow foliage. 2-4 ft. Best in Sun. Zone 7


Fragaria chiloensis (NW Native Sand Strawberry)
Petite, shiny, evergreen foliage that spreads by runners. White flowers and red fruit. Ground cover. Easily grown. Sun. Zones 6-7

Fragaria vesca. semperflorens 'Golden Alexandria'

(Golden Leafed Alpine Strawberry)

White flowers then red edible berries follow. Spreads in clumps, not stolons. Zone 4-8. Best in sun.

Francoa sonchifolia 'Rogerson's Form' (Bridal Wreath)
Evergreen rosettes on which spikes of pretty rosy-pink flowers on long stalks set. Good for a cut flower. To 2 ft. Best in Sun. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Autumnale'

(Hardy Creeping Golden Fuchsia)
Golden and red creeping foliage with Violet and Red flowers. Partial sun to Shade. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Army Nurse'    (Hardy Fuchsia)    Single Royal Purple and Pink blossoms on 24 inch wide and tall plants.    Well drained soil. Sun to partial shade. Z 7    

Fuchsia 'Aztec' (Hardy Red Fuchsia)
Brilliant red and violet flowers, Red stems, and foliage on 3-4 ft plants. Flowers until hard frost. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Barbara' (Hardy Pink Fuchsia)
Bright green foliage to 2-3 ft. Large pink and lavender flowers. Shade to Sun. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Chance Encounter' (Hardy Tiny Fuchsia)
Petite foliage with delicate white to pink flowers in profusion. 3 ft plants. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Double Otto' (Double Otto Hardy Fuchsia)

Large double red and purple flowers on compact bushes. Shade to partial Sun. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Enstone' (Golden Hardy Fuchsia)
Light pink flowers on  beautiful golden variegated foliage. Growth to 2 ft. x 2 ft. Prefers a filtered sunny spot with protection. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Genii' (Hardy Golden Fuchsia)
Golden-yellow foliage, pink and purple 1 inch flowers in profusion! Shade to partial sun. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Island Sunset' (Hardy Fuchsia)
Red and purple flowers on red, white & green plants.
To 2 ft x 3 ft. Sun to partial shade.

Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby' (Hardy Fuchsia)
Single, upright, crimson and blackish-violet flowers. Growth to 5-6 ft. Partial Sun to Shade. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Reflexa' (Hardy Fuchsia)
Petite foliage with tiny, Reddish-pink flowers. Upright, bushy habit. Full Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Sherry Marie' (Hardy Fuchsia)

Light pink and rose flowers on lovely variegated foliage. To 3 ft. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Fuchsia 'Tom Woods'

(Tom Woods Hardy Fuchsia)

White and Lilac medium-sized flowers on bright green foliage. 3 x 4 ft. Zone 7

Fuchsia campos-portoi (Hardy Species Fuchsia)
Red and Purple flowers on dark green foliage.  
Grows up to 2 ft.x 2 ft. Sun or partial shade Zone 7

Fuchsia glazioviana (Hardy Fuchsia)
Pink and purple 1 in. flowers on glossy foliage.
Grows 3 ft. x 3 ft. Shade to full Sun. Zone 7

Fuchsia magellanica var. m. 'Aurea'

(Golden Hardy Fuchsia)
Upright, bright yellow foliage 3 ft. with red and purple pendulous flowers. Shade to Full Sun. Zone 7

Fuchsia magellanica 'Kendra' (Hardy Fuchsia) Upright habit to 6 ft. 1 inch scarlet flowers in profusion on small dark green foliage. Sun or partial shade. Zone 7

Fuchsia magellanica var. m. 'Tricolor'

(Hardy Pink Fuchsia)
Pink, white and greenish-silvery colored foliage with red and purple flowers. 3-4 ft tall and wide. Shade to full sun.

Fuchsia minutiflora (Tiny Hardy Fuchsia)
Reddish-pink petite flowers with upright bright green foliage. Shrubby habit. Sun to part shade. Native to Mexico. Zone 7

Fuchsia procumbens (Species Creeping Fuchsia)
Yellowish-green and chocolate-brown flowers followed by large purplish-red fruit. New Zealand native. Zone 8

Fuchsia regia subsp.servae (Hardy Tree Fuchsia)

Silvery-green foliage to 5+ ft.  with many 

cerise and purple flowers.

Zone 7