Valerian officinalis (Garden Valerian)

Sweet-scented white flowers in Summer, attract butterfly. Roots used as sleep aid. Best in sun. Zone 7

Verbascum chaixii album (Wedding Candles Mullein) Pure white flowers with violet filaments to 3 ft. Very drought tolerant. Sun. Zones 4-8

Verbascum nigrum (Dark Mullein)

18 inch spikes of yellow with contrasting purple centers in summer. Sun. Zones 5-7

Verbascum phoeniceum 'Violetta' (Violet Mullein)
Dark purple-violet 3 foot candles, which rebloom if dead-headed. A good bee plant. Sun. Zone 7

Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop' (Brazilian  Vervain)

24 inch tall upright stems with clusters of magenta-purple flowers from early summer through late fall. Attractive to butterflies. Sun. Zone 7

Viburnum 'Chesapeake'  (Chesapeake Viburnum)
Bright green foliage on compact shrub. Pink buds open to white flowers followed by red-black fruit. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Viburnum opulus 'Compactum'

(Dwarf European Cranberry)

Slow-growing, deciduous shrub. White flowers in spring and showy red edible fruits follow. Sun, moist soil. Zone 7

Vinca minor 'Ms. Jeckyll' (White Periwinkle)
White flowers off and on throughout the year on evergreen foliage. Deer proof. Shade to partial sun. Zone 6-7.   

Vinca minor 'Sterling Silver' (Dwarf Silver Periwinkle)

Silvery-white and green evergreen foliage, and starry Lavender-blue flowers. Partial sun to shade. Zone 7 

Viola 'Heartthrob' (Hardy Violet)

Heart-shaped foliage with dark-zoning and pink flowers. Zones 5-7

Viola 'White Czar' (White Violet)
Pure white flowers on bright green foliage. Trim back and will re-bloom. Sun or shade. Zone 7

Viola labradorica (Dark Violet) 
Dark purple semi-evergreen foliage with dainty violet-blue flowers from May to June. Self sowing, excellent ground cover. Sun or shade. Zones 5-7