Darmera pelata (Oregon Umbrella Plant)
Native to Oregon and Northern California. Thrives in moist shade. Pink flower in Spring before foliage. 3 to 5 ft. x 3 to 5 ft. Full to part shade. Zones 5-7

Datisca cannabina (False Hemp)
Very ornamental, bushy plant with graceful, arching stems. Small yellowish flowers in summer. A source for yellow dye. Easily grown. 3 to 10 ft. Featured in Fall City Totem Garden.

Davallia trichomanoides (Squirrel's Foot Fern)
Furry rhizomes, like squirrel's feet that creep over soil surface. Nice in a hanging basket or as a ground cover. Zone 7.

Deschampsia flexuosa 'Aurea'

(Golden Wavy Hair Grass)
Mostly Ever-gold clumps of Chartreuse-yellow, fine textured foliage. Attractive flowers, Partial shade to shade. Well-drained soil. Zone 7

Deschampsia flexuosa (Wavy Hair Grass)
Shade-loving, but will thrive anywhere. Bears in spring shining, purplish or silvery spike-lets.
10 to 16 inches tall. Clumping habit. Zone 6-7


Dianthus barbatus 'Sooty'    (Black-Flowered Sweet William)   Blue-green foliage with Dark fragrant flowers. Grows to 12 inches    Best in Sun.  All Zones 

Digitalis trojana (Golden Foxglove)
A rare perennial Digitalis growing 1 to 3 ft tall and bearing lovely, creamy-white flowers with amber-gold throats. Freely seeds. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Disporisis perneyii (Dwarf Solomon Seal)

Evergreen that grows to 16 inches and has white flowers. Prefers shade to partial Sun. Tolerates dry soil. Zone 7