Impatiens omeiana (Hardy Impatiens)
Green and purple foliage with yellow-orange flowers in late summer. To 15 inches. Partial Shade. Zone 7-10

Impatiens omeiana 'Silver Pink'  (Hardy Pink Impatiens)    Silvery-pink foliage makes a wonderful ground cover for shade.   To 15 inches.  Zone 7    

Inula racemosa 'Sonnenspeer' (Sonnenspeer Daisy)
Bright yellow daisy-like flowers in clusters on the 6-8 ft. Stalk from June to Sept. Best in Sun. Zone 4-9  

Iris ensts 'Variegata' (Japan Iris)

Graceful, 18 inch white and green striped swords with dark blue flowers. Zones 5-9

Iris foetidissma ( Stinking Welsh Iris)

Light blue flowers followed by bright orange seeds which burst forth from the seed-pods in autumn. Evergreen foliage to 2 ft. Sun to partial shade. Hardy

Iris japonica 'Variegata'' (E. C. Miller Botanic Garden Iris)
Bright yellow and green foliage to 15 in. Flowers are blue with violet markings and deep yellow throat. Semi-shade to full sun, well-drained soil . Zone 7-10

Iris sibirica 'Carrie Lee' (Siberian Iris)
Rosy-purplish-pink flowers with white signal on 24 inch foliage in Spring. Best in well-drained soil. Sun. Zone 5-7

Iris unguicularis (Winter-Blooming Iris)
Violet-Purple flowers from Oct. to March on bluish-green foliage to 15 inches. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Itea virginiana (Virginia Sweetspire)
White fragrant flowers in Early Summer followed by fruit.
Radiant red fall color. 3 to 5 ft Zone 7

Ixia species (African Corn Lily)
Buttery-yellow starry flowers on straight stems to 1+ ft. tall.
Prefers sunny well-drained spot in the garden. Zone 7