Salix alba 'Flame' (Flame Willow)

Reddish- orange stems throughout the year. To 8 ft. Moist soil. Sun. Zone 4-9

Salix babylonica 'Red Curls'

(Curly Babylon Weeping Willow)

Red stems on newer growth give this ring-leaf or corkscrew variety an interesting look. Can grow to 30 ft when left unpruned. Sun. Zone 5-7

Salix gracilistyla  melanostachys (Black Pussy Willow)

Upright spreading shrub, black catkins with red anthers. 6 to 10 ft tall and wide. Attractive in arrangements. Moist soil. Sun. Zones 5-7

Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki' (Variegated Willow)

Graceful, weeping 5 ft tall shrub, with striking white, pink, green foliage. Best in Sun with moist soil. Zone 7

Salix lindleyana (Creeping Willow)
Glossy bright green delicate foliage 1 inch red catkins in spring. 1 ft. spread. Moist, well-drained soil. Sun- partial shade. Zone 7-8.

Salix magnifica (Magnificent Willow)
Lovely specimen tree or shrub to 15 ft. Bluish-green foliage, greenish upright flowers (catkins). Enjoys wet soil. Zone 6 to 9

Salix purpurea 'Nana'  (Dwarf Arctic Willow)
Blue-gray foliage that is fine textured. 2-3 ft. tall and wide. Best in moist area with sun to partial shade. Zone 5-7

Salix sachalinensis 'Sekka'  (Fantail or Fishtail Willow)
Japanese native with uniquely twisted branches, some fasciated and flattened. Beautiful rows of flowers along stems.  Up to 10 ft. Zone 7

Salvia barrelieri (North African Sage)

Sky blue flowers to 3 ft on gray fuzzy clumps. Sun Zone 7

Salvia elegans 'Aurea' (Golden Pineapple Sage)

Yellow foliage with bright red flowers. Hummingbirds love this plant! Sun. Zones 8-11.

Salvia interrupta (Atlas Mountain Sage)

Deep violet flowers with white throats on fragrant foliage to 18 inches tall. Best in sun. Zones 8-10

Salvia lemmonii (Lemmon's Sage)

Pinkish-Crimson flowers from July to frost on fragrant dark green foliage to 24-36 inches. Native SW. Drought tolerant. Best in Sun. Zone 6-9     

Salvia lyrata 'Purple Volcano' (Ornamental Purple Sage)
Purple flowers in summer. Herbaceous plants reach 2 feet. Best in Sun. Zone 7

Salvia officinalis 'Europe's Best' (European Garden Sage)

Silvery foliage to 3x3 Great flavor! Sun Zones 6-9

Salvia officinalis 'Extrakta' (Cooking Sage)
High oil concentration, excellent for herbal usage. Attractive lilac flowers. 18 to 20 inches tall. Sun. Zone 7

Sambucus racemosa 'Black Beauty' (Dark Elderberry)

Dark purple foliage with creamy-white flowers. Large shrub or small tree to 10 ft. Sun or partial shade. Zones 6-9

Sarcococca confusa (Fragrant Box)

Evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage and very fragrant white flowers in winter. Shade. Zone 7        

Sarcococca orientalis    

Chinese or Christmas Sweet Box    Fragrant white flowers from December through March on evergreen tidy foliage 4 ft x 3 ft    Sun to shade. Zones 6-10    "

Satureja spicigera (Creeping Savory)
Aromatic, edible, semi-evergreen foliage with white flowers. Grows to 8 inches. Sun. Zone 6-9 

Saxifraga fortunei 'Pink Elf'

Magenta-pink flowers on glossy bronze foliage to 4 inches. Shade to partial Sun. Zones 6-9

Saxifraga x geum 'Dentata' (Pinked Edged Saxifraga) White flowers on bright green pinked edged foliage to 10 inches. Sun to partial shade. Zone 5-7

Saxifraga stolonifera 'Maroon Beauty'

(Strawberry Geranium)         
Round, fuzzy foliage creeps and runs. Dark reddish and white on top and pink underneath. Zone 6-9. Shade or partial shade.

Schizostylis coccinea rubra (Scarlet River Lily)
Cup-shaped, gladiolus-like flowers in shades of red to pink shades . 1-2 ft. Hardy, long-lasting cut. Moisture-loving. Sun. Zone 7

Sciadopitys verticillata (Umbrella Pine)
A Japanese tree that grows very slowly. Interesting texture. Prehistoric-looking! Good for containers or open ground. Sun. Zone 7

Scrophularia auriculata 'Variegata'

(Variegated Figwort)
Brightly splashed cream and green foliage, with red flowers in summer. Enjoys moist areas. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Sedum 'Button'

Evergreen foliage 2-6 inches tall. White flowers. Great ground cover. Hardy in all zones. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Sedum ewersii (Blue Mounds Stonecrop)

Grey-blue clump-forming, round foliage, with pink flowers. To 6 inches tall. Best in Sun. Zone 7

Sedum makinoi 'Ogon' (Golden Sedum)
Brilliant golden, small, creeping foliage to 4 inches. For a well drained site. Best color in Shade or partial Sun. Zone 7 to 9.

Sedum reflexum Lemon Bowl' (Lemon Bowl Sedum)
Brilliant golden, mounding foliage to 8 inches. For a well drained site. Best color in Sun or partial Sun.

Zone 3 to 9.

Sedum pachyclados 'White Diamond'

Blue-green rosettes of foliage that hold water like diamonds, and white flowers sit above. 1 inch x 5 inches. Best in Sun. Zone 5-9    

Sedum rupestre 'Aureum'

(Golden Creeping Sedum) aka 'Angelina'
Fluffy yellow foliage to 6 inches.  24 inch spread. Yellow flowers. Well-drained soil. Sun. Zone 5-7

Sedum seiboldii (Blue Stonecrop)

Dusty blue foliage with pink edges and bright pink flowers. 2-4 inches. Sun. Zone 7

Sedum spathulifolium (NW Native Sedum)   
Yellow flowers above the knobby, silvery foliage. Spreads easily. Best in well drained soil and Sun.  Zone 7

Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Joy'

(Autumn Joy Sedum)

Blooms from August to November comes out pink and turns a bronzy-orange color. Grows to 2' x 2'. Best in Sun. Zone 5-7

Sedum spectabile variegatum (Stonecrop)

Green and yellow upright foliage. Large  pink flowers in late summer. To 20 inches tall. Zone 5-7

Sedum spurium 'Voodoo' (Voodoo Stonecrop)    
Neon pink flowers atop dark crimson foliage to 6 inches. Well drained soil. Sun. Zone 7    

Sedum tetractinum 'Coral Reef'

(Coral Reef Stonecrop)
Pink and cream margins on bright green foliage.        creeping habit. Sun. Zone 3 to 9.        

Sempervivum tectorum (Hens and Chicks)
Assorted shapes and sizes and colors! These will grow anywhere with drainage. Zones 5-7

Sequoia sempervirens (Coast Redwood)

Lovely narrow evergreen tree that will grow tall in many years. Best in Sun. Zone 7    

Sequoia sempervirens 'Contorta'

(Weeping Coast Redwood)

Slow growth on this small evergreen tree or shrub. Great for containers. Zone 7

Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’

(Chilean Potato Vine)

Lovely big clusters of lavender-blue, yellow centered flowers almost all summer. 12-15 ft. Sun or shade. Zone 7-10        

Soleirolia soleirolii (Baby Tears, Angel Tears)
Creeping  ground covering plant with tiny round foliage make a lush green mat. Shade to partial sun. Zones 4-24      

Sollya fusiformis (Australian Blue Bell Creeper)
Evergreen, twining plant with delicate bell-shaped blue, nodding flowers in clusters. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7-8

Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem' (False Spiraea)

White flower spikes on fern-like foliage with pink new growth to 4 ft. and Fall colors.

Zones 2-9

Spiraea x bumalda 'Magic Carpet'

(Dwarf Golden Spiraea)

Bright Pink flowers. Brilliant yellow foliage with reddish tips. Deciduous Shrub to 3 ft. Sun. Zone 7

Spodiopogon sibiricus   

(Frost Grass / Sibirian Graybeard)

 Bright green foliage grows to 3 ft x 2 ft. Purple flowers in late summer.   Fall colors.

Full Sun. Zones 4-9    "

Sporobolus heterolepsis (Prairie Dropseed)
Elegant, clumping grass to 15 inches. Fragrant, delicate blooms, nice for cutting. 
Fall color. Best in sun. Zone 7

Stachys densiflora 'Alba'  

(Dwarf Lamb's Ear)   Gey-Green foliage, mat-forming ground cover with white flowers. Drought and light traffic tolerant..    Best in Sun to light shade. Zones 5-9    

Styrax japonica (Japanese Snow Bell)                    

Small tree or large shrub with white bell-shaped flowers, followed by fruit. Best in Sun to partial shade. Zone 7                 

Symphytum 'Gold Cup' (Golden Comfrey)     
Lovely foliage of yellow and white. Pink to white flowers. Slow growing. Moist soil. Sun. Zone 7

Syringa patula (Korean Lilac)        
Fragrant lilac flower clusters in spring. Compact plants, slow growth. Best in full sun. Zone 7

Syringa vulgaris  'Sensation'  

(Sensational Lilac)    Fragrant and beautiful! Wine purplish-red flowers edged in white. Grows 12-15 ft and wide.    Full sun. Zones 3-9