Teucrium hyrcanicum (Caucasian Germander)

Eight inch spikes of purplish-red flowers throughout summer into fall.  Bushy, downy foliage.1-2 foot. Sun. Zone 7

Teucrium scorodonia 'Crispum' (Curled Germander)

Wavy, crinkled, bright green foliage. Useful for containers or edges. A nice texture. Sun. Zone 7

Thalictrum aquilegifolium 'Purpureum' 

(Chinese Meadow Rue)
3 foot stems with numerous nodding violet starry flowers. Sun to partial shade. Zone 7

Thalictrum aquilegifolium 'Black Stockings'   (Meadow Rue) 

 Tall beauty has nearly black stems and topped with fluffy, lilac flowers to 4 ft    Sun to partial shade Zones 5-9    

Thalictrum lucidum (Shining Meadow Rue)

Glossy, fern-like foliage with fluffy, bright greenish-yellow flowers. 2 ft. Useful for cut flowers. Zone 7

Thalictrum minus (Lesser Meadow Rue)

Yellow flower clusters atop 12  inch stems in summer. Soft bluish foliage. Shade to part sun. Zone 7

Thelypteris nevadensis (Sierra Marsh Fern)

West Coast native herbaceous perennial with spreading rhizomes and deeply cut foliage to 3 ft.

Zone 7

Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar)

Native tree.

Thuja plicata 'Aurea' (Golden Western Red Cedar)
Magnificent trees with golden, shiny foliage. Relatively native.  Great cut for arrangements. Sun. Zone 7    

Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata' (Deerhorn Cedar)     
Evergreen, pyramidal, cones on tips.  Slow growth. White-gold blotches on foliage. A good container plant. Sun or partial shade. Zone 5-7

Tiarella wherryi (Fragrant Foamflower)
Heart-shaped foliage, with white to pink starry, fragrant flowers. To 12 inches tall. Shade to partial sun. Zone 7

Trachelospermum jasminoides 'Madison'

(Madison Hardy Jasmine)

White fragrant blooms in late spring on evergreen foliage. May be groundcover or vine with support.      Full shade or full sun. Zones 7-10     

Tradescantia x andersoniana 'Blushing Bride'

(Blushing Bride Spiderwort)

White flowers in Spring to Summer on pink and green foliage to 1 1/2 ft tall and wide. Tolerates moist soil. Sun to part shade. Zones 4-9

Trifolium repens 'Green Ice' (Green Ice Clover)

Lovely variegated foliage, nice, fast ground cover for a partial sunny or shady spot. White fragrant flowers. Zone 7

Tulbaghia violacea 'Variegata' 

 (Society Garlic or Pink Agapanthus)

 Fragrant lilac flowers on garlic-scented variegated foliage to 2 ft. Edible.    Zones 7-10.  Best in Sun.